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Why is the new video game The Walking Dead the laughing stock of the Internet?

To some general indifference, a new The Walking Dead video game was launched in recent days, with Destinies. A game developed by Flux Games and published by GameMill Entertainment, which allows players to find the emblematic characters of the horror series from AMC, with good old Rick Grimes at the forefront. The originality of this new The Walking Dead game is not only the possibility of finding the entire cast, but also of being able to modify the course of events.

The Walking Dead Destinies, one of the worst video games of the year?

Indeed, in The Walking Dead Destinies, you play Rick Grimes, and you will then have to gather your allies and fight the apocalypse of walkers in the emblematic locations of The Walking Dead, such as Atlanta, the Greene family farm, the prison or Woodbury again. In crucial moments where choices are decisive, it is up to the player to forever shape the destiny of their team of characters in the series. Heroes and villains, living and dead, it’s up to him to decide whether he wants to follow the course of history or chart his own path.

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On paper, The Walking Dead Destinies therefore had something to convince. However, the game was quickly mocked on the networks, the fault of a finish which seems very… questionable.

Indeed, it is difficult not to be shocked by certain cutscenes, which combine fixed shots on the one hand, but also (and above all) modeling that is distressing to say the least.

Added to this are blatant collision bugs, audio bugs, and overall a multitude of diverse and varied problems (we can notably observe Hershel walking with one leg…) capable of flourishing on social networks, without forgetting an achievement general which will remind some of the good old days of the PlayStation 3.

Fortunately, the end of 2023 was also marked by some very successful adaptations, starting with the very good RoboCop Rogue City, but also (to a lesser extent) the Goldorak video game. Note that The Walking Dead Destinies is not the first video game adaptation to shine with its miserabilism this year.

Indeed, a few months ago, it was a certain Gollum who distinguished himself with a disastrous adaptation (the developers having subsequently published an official letter of apology), without forgetting the most recent, but no less undrinkable , Skull Island: Rise of Kong, based on the King Kong license, also launched discreetly… and signed GameMill Entertainment.



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