Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Good deal – The Dreame D10 Plus “4-star” robot vacuum cleaner at €288.00

Dreame continues to expand its catalog of robot vacuum cleaners, this time with the D10 Plus. Dressed in white and accompanied by a discreet base, the device plays on sobriety. It also focuses on versatility thanks to its mop and automatic drain.

With the D10 Plus, Dreame presents us with a no-frills robot vacuum cleaner. The device vacuums dust correctly, on all types of surfaces. Its discreet base drains the collector and can adapt to many interiors. With great autonomy, a low noise level and an extra mop, the D10 Plus is a more than attractive device. However, it lacks a pair of sensors and a side brush redesigned for more efficiency.

Points forts

  • Compact base with automatic drain.
  • Good suction performance.
  • Coverage of surfaces more than adequate.

Weak points

  • Obstacle management that could be improved.
  • Disappointing side brush.

An alternative

Rather than seeking to innovate, the Imou L11 Pro relies on technologies that have already proven themselves and avoids surprises, both good and bad. Its laser rangefinder allows it to survey the entire house and, thanks to its good suction performance and automatic draining, the user is assured of keeping floors clean without effort, as long as they are not stained. However, you will have to be careful not to leave things lying around on the floor.

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