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Fast charging for your electric car is coming to McDonald’s: the details

It’s a major partnership. McDonald’s has just formalized a project with Izivia, the EDF subsidiary dedicated to electric cars. Their ambition is major: to deploy 2,000 ultra-fast charging terminals in the chain’s car parks in France by 2025. In detail, these installations concern 700 car parks in which 150 kilowatt terminals will be offered.

Simplicity on the menu

In a press release published for the occasion, Christelle Vives, general director of Izivia, specifies:

We targeted all the sites owned by McDonald’s France which had parking and which were accessible by car. There will be between one and three terminals, depending on the density of electric vehicles in the area as well as available spaces.

For his part, Rémi Rocca, senior impact director for McDonald’s France, emphasizes that this project will “encourage individual efforts and participate in an ecological and energy transition adapted to the needs of the territories”.

For McDonald’s customers, simplicity will be key. Indeed, it will be possible to recharge the most efficient electric vehicles to 80% of their autonomy, promise the initiators of this project co-financed by Crédit Mutuel’s Siloé fund. We also announce an attractive price without revealing the exact amount with payment by bank card or QR code.

To get an idea, and as detailed by our colleague from The Tribunethe average price of recharging at an ultra-fast terminal (greater than 150 kWh) is around 27 euros compared to around 20 euros for fast charging (between 22 kWh and 150 kWh), in France.

France is catching up

This initiative should boost the deployment of electric charging stations in France. While progress has been made in this area in recent years, the same cannot be said for fast charging stations, which currently only constitute around 10% of the total. However, the latter are considered essential in trying to convince motorists to switch to electric.

For their part, McDonald’s competitors are not left out. The economic newspaper recalls that Burger King and Subway have already announced the installation of electric charging stations in their parking lots.

What you must remember :

  • McDonald’s partners with EDF to install 2,000 electric charging stations in 700 car parks
  • We promise recharges in 20 minutes for certain vehicles
  • France needs to catch up on fast charging stations



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