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Every year, here is the crazy product that creates a total buzz on Black Friday

This will be THE fun and useful Christmas gift this year. The American Ninja oil-free fryer is already the top seller in the “kitchen and home” category on Amazon. During Black Friday, this is quite a performance when you know the popularity of this category. If you want to fry food at home, without having the bad smell, this fryer is revolutionary.

Among the performances measured by Ninja, this fryer promises to be up to 75% faster than a classic fan oven, and it consumes 75% less fat compared to more traditional fryers. Best of all, you can easily put the drawers in the dishwasher, allowing you to keep a clean fryer at all times.

But then, what about the price? Released at 279.99 euros, the Ninja fryer drops to 189.99 euros for Black Friday. That’s over 30% off immediately that you can get thanks to Amazon. Every year, Amazon reveals a flagship and unique product that is a hit on Black Friday, and this year, it’s this one.

I take advantage of the offer on Amazon

Are you not sure if the fryer will be popular when you give it for Christmas? Good news, Amazon gives you a right of withdrawal until the end of January. This means that you can always return it after the holidays, if the gift did not convince. For comparison, other e-retailers limit you to 14 days of withdrawal (legal minimum), which does not allow you to have such flexibility.

How does the fryer work?

The Ninja Foodi MAX Dual Zone Air Fryer is a fryer which has the particularity of being oil-free and which is immensely successful: it is ultra clean, which allows everyone to cook from home, without odor. In terms of size, we can compare it to a sort of mini-oven. Placed in the high-end segment, it was launched in 2021.

The fryer is equipped with two drawers of 4.75 liters each offering a total volume of 9.5 liters. In terms of consumption, you can put around 1.4 kg of fries in a bin, or a 2 kg chicken for example. It has 6 customizable cooking programs such as the Max Crisp function to crisp frozen foods (or the fry function without oil for example). The fryer also has a built-in display and timing and matching functions for a more convenient cooking experience. All this can be controlled from a mobile app since the fryer is connected via Wi-Fi.

To discover this original product, click here:

I take advantage of the offer on Amazon



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