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Amazon is bleeding, here are 10 CRAZY offers this Monday evening 💥

Black Friday is always a crucial moment for e-retailers because it significantly affects the figure for the year. Amazon, Fnac, Darty and even Cdiscount have no choice and are putting all their strength into this battle to attract the general public. Business is exceptional, we have made an updated list of deals for this Monday evening.

Over the past two years, Black Friday on Amazon has become more mature and the rules are relatively similar. Amazon has decided to no longer concentrate its offers on a single day (Black Friday is this Friday, editor’s note) but on 10 days. This allows everyone to access the offers on its platform, over a longer period of time. But beware of stock shortages which can happen at any time.

This is precisely the difficulty we have seen since the launch of Black Friday on Amazon last Friday. Flagship products like the PS5 or the OnePlus 11 are no longer available on the platform. The American merchant made real efforts on the price, which quickly led to a shortage of stock. That said, there are still some very good alternatives up for grabs.

What’s left this Monday evening?

There is one thing to understand about Amazon: the offers are generally the same from the start to the end of its Black Friday. To prove it, he undertakes to pay the price difference if a product were to drop by November 27. Whether you take it today, tomorrow or on the 27th (subject to stock), you will always have the lowest price charged.

If you haven’t yet done your Black Friday on Amazon, you have every interest in doing so this Monday evening. There are exceptional offers on all product categories which allow you to obtain discounts of up to -80%. We remind you that no merchant is authorized to sell their products at a loss: it is anti-competitive and it is only reserved for sales – and under conditions. This is valid for all players, including Fnac or Cdiscount.

See offers on Amazon

But what can you find on Black Friday? On Amazon, you have products like MacBooks, Bose headsets and even Garmin watches. At Fnac or Cdiscount, there are still crazy offers on packs that include the PS5 with games. Black Friday is not just limited to tech, you can discover good deals on all other sectors.

On the list above on this page, we have chosen to focus only on Black Friday deals on tech and household appliances. If you have 5 minutes to spare, we still advise you to just take a quick look at Amazon to see all the offers. The merchant has created a dedicated section that allows access to offers based on category and brand, which is practical.

Why is Amazon still ahead?

As its name suggests, Black Friday is an American operation which then developed all over the world. We won’t teach you anything if we tell you that Amazon was one of the great architects of this international expansion. He is the leader, although today there are many other actors participating in this event.

To succeed in attracting the general public, Amazon has also pulled out all the stops. In this case, you already have a right of withdrawal which goes much further than the legal limit (14 days) and the standard at Amazon (30 days). At his place, you can return your Black Friday purchases until January 31. This allows you to have peace of mind and return Christmas presents if they are a flop. This is a real luxury that you will not have with the competition which is very often limited to the regulatory 14 days.

By doing this, Amazon ensures that it boosts volumes with customers who want to make their Christmas gifts directly for a lower price on Black Friday. What is practical is that the merchant platform offers all types of products on its site, including items that will be very good gifts for the end-of-year holidays. But be careful, the clock is ticking and breakups are becoming ever more frequent.

For this Monday evening, we have worked on a new list of good deals and promotions, longer and more complete, for this Black Friday 2023 edition. It is updated very often by our team specializing in good deals. If you have noticed other relevant offers, you can also share them with us by email. In the meantime, you can bookmark this page because it will be updated until the operation is complete. This allows you to see in a few seconds the new offers available for operation on Amazon and others.

To access all the offers on Amazon, click here:

See offers on Amazon



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